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biography (TOZE)

TOZE  FIGUEIREDO,  born  27 September  1965 in Viseu, Portugal.  Resides in London, UK.

Art  exhibitions:
Galeria  Corte Real - Toronto, Canada - 1999
The Rivoli - Toronto, Canada - 1999
Here&Now Gallery - Toronto, Canada - 2000
Salt Studio - Toronto, Canada - 2000
Galeria IPJ - Viseu, Portugal - 2001
Agirarte - Oliveira do Hospital, Portugal - 2001
Rampart - London, UK - 2009
Art Now Gallery – Gotheborg, Sweden - 2010-2011
Siel de Paris at Drouot Montaigne - Paris, France - 2011
Connoisseur’s Gallery - Paris, France - 2012

“  For some devilish reason, on Easter Sunday 2000, Toze arrived in Portugal back from Toronto;  10 years had passed away on cold feet,  supposedly spaced out. The toil.…  and finally his paintings were surprising him again,, art cleaned than ever ever ever!
  Time directed him and some friends to Chard, a little town close to Bristol UK... and they revolved the little village to have some fun in the phantom house. Village people started to fear these ghosts and started to run away from them...
In three months the town was transformed in hell, with crawling voices from the dark nature, pointed fingers from the village people and the bars became full of dust... well, this kind of ambiences, between rude reality and naif fantasy are the juice of Toze paintings.
  So away again from hell, or maybe the circus became too hard out there in Somerset. This was the time when we met Toze in London, probably we were there for similar reasons. At that time he was living in a squat, a house where strangers meet like in most of the squats in London. Some of his friends from the Somerset adventure where there, but not all of them, different characters at this time, all of them trying to survive in a rude but creative way of living. Madness again... the queen of creativity...
   Recalling him painting in this posh room with exotic furniture found on the street... there was a doped tv set always on, and a old car inside the room as a fridge... imagine the lives of adventurous spirits lost in translation after the time is gone!... this is the spirit of Toze paintings, expressive thoughts about the relationships between ones emotions and ever-changing situations, the mysteries and the complexities of life, with the subjects mixed in conformity with a variation of feelings and emotions from fear, pleasure and curiosity.
  And he has continuing with his path  where the contrasts are obvious and conjunctive, the fruits of the palm trees always tracking his mind in the scope for the light…

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